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Viking Culture Sword - Battle Ready Sword for LARP Play & Medieval Reenactment

Viking Culture Sword - Battle Ready Sword for LARP Play & Medieval Reenactment

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Viking Culture Sword - Battle Ready for Halloween Cosplay Costume LARP Play & Meieval Reenactments Vikings Age Middle Ages Arming -Wrapped Handle & Leather Belt Scabbard Sheath


Viking Sword Set

From Viking Culture, this is the ultimate Viking Sword set, with everything you need to either go into a battle reenactment or display your love for historic cultures in your home. This includes a full stainless sword with a wrapped wood handle, a leather scabbard and belt, and a stunning hanger.

Quality Materials

We make this sword and all of its accessories from premium materials, including stainless steel for the blade, high-quality wood for the handle, and top-class leather for the scabbard and the handle grip. This is to provide you with a long-lasting, durable product, that looks as good as possible for whatever you use it for.


Below are the dimensions of this Viking Sword Set, so you can know exactly how much space and weight to allow for, whether using it as a display or part of a reenactment!


  • Overall Length: 835mm or 33” (approximately)
  • Blade Length: 665 or 26” (approximately)
  • Blade Width: 47mm or 2” (approximately)
  • Handle Hand Guard Length: 125mm or 5” (approximately)
  • Sword Weight: 940g (approximately)
  • Scabbard Length: 780mm or 31” (approximately)
  • Scabbard Width: 58” or 2.3” (approximately)
  • Hanger Diameter: 225mm or 9” (approximately)
  • Hanger Weight: 480g (approximately)
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